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Find out why there is no home page ranking through the keyword layout of the website


Website keyword layout is very important for a website. A good layout is equal to a good building. As long as the content is well filled, the ranking can be improved quickly. In today's analysis of this site, although there is no ranking, we can look at the layout of keywords to understand how to layout the keywords of the website.

First, look at the home page. What we need to know is the title, keywords and description. From the title information, we can see that there are four keywords. We know that the key word on the left is the most important, that is, the key word of this site is electromagnetic flowmeter. Look at the description of the keyword tag. In addition to the keywords in the title, some keywords have been added. Generally, 3-5 keywords can be set on the home page, and other keywords can be placed in the column page and content page in turn. The content in the description tag describes the objectives and main products of the enterprise, which is concise and pertinent. The above is the information in the meta tag on the home page. In addition, let's look at the location of keywords on the website.

The left column has product navigation, which can also be used to arrange keywords. In addition to core keywords, you can also set related keywords. Keyword settings in the sidebar not only help users quickly understand the company's main products, but also facilitate search engines to capture and increase keyword density.

There are no keywords at the bottom of the site. In fact, the key words in this place are not necessarily the key words of the website. They can be important pages, and keywords or long tail keywords can help users. The layout of the bottom keywords belongs to the bottom navigation system, which helps users to know more about the website information. Keywords can be thickened to emphasize the importance of these contents to search engines.

Above, we have seen the overall layout of keywords on the homepage of the website. From the perspective of keyword density, this is relatively reasonable. For enterprise websites, the keyword layout of product columns is also very important. We can see that the keyword layout of the website product column is basically reasonable, but the description of the project has not been rewritten, and the description of the home page is still in use. In order to facilitate the identification of search engines, the ALT tag page of the pictures in the column has been completed. In addition to the product navigation in the product center sidebar, there is no relevant product navigation added to the product category and specific product pages. These layouts can effectively add keyword links and help users understand relevant product information.

Finally, let's take a look at the website content page. The content page is mainly composed of long tail keywords, which are well written in the title. The title is the most important, and then the keyword is mentioned in the keyword tag and description tag. Reasonable keywords should appear in the text, so that the content page of the keywords can be basically arranged. Look at this website. Unfortunately, the title keyword was not filled in, which may be a setup problem. Other information is relatively complete. The sidebar has only contact information. If you can add the product navigation in this column, the effect will be better and users can click it to learn more.

The above is the general keyword layout of the website, which is generally good, and some small details need to be strengthened. For other unimportant pages, keywords and description tags are not added. These pages do not participate in ranking, so it is unnecessary to emphasize them. Through the above analysis, we should learn how to layout the key words of the website, focusing on the home page, column page and content page. As long as the keywords in different fields are well arranged, the overall ranking of the website will rise and the user experience will be enhanced.

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